Imagine the feeling of being on top of the world, or embrace 'stand tall as a mountain' Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest mountain found in Tanzania . A vivacious holiday for family and friends at a cheap affordable price. A seven day Trekk filled with epic moments and historical sites making this Africas number one places to visit.



Maasai culture liberates its enthusiasm in nature, Ngorongoro " El' nkoro koro - A gift of life." The realm of wonder is a decendant of the Mesozoic epoch hosting over 25000 large animals. A gift to your Family and loved ones’ is a Safari to the Ngorongoro crater. The best way to spend your holiday.


The Great Serengeti Migration is the nature’s master piece, witness a wildebeest pilgrimage crossing the crocodile infested Grumeti River . Standstill to contemplate, with awe and wonder, the spectacle of Serengeiti National Park. The Serengeti “endless plains” offers Balloon Safaris and Game Drive. It is the most famous National Park in Africa where you can spot the Big Five.


Zanzibar the spice island offers a breath taking view of the Indian ocean, a reason to spend your honey moon in bliss, savor the historical sites on your tour of the Prison Island. Zanzibar has a long rich History the capital city of Slave Trade. Zanzibar is part of The Republic of Tanzania, enjoy the sandy beaches and the turquoise waters, dinner in the ripened sun and calm scented breeze.


There’s Nothing that sets the scene for a cultural safari like a visit to the maasai villages, Dancing to the Maasai tunes on the African ancient landscape in the dusk. Indulge yourself with a romantic picnic with your family. Learning more about African cultures the hunters and the gathers, a trekk through the wild with the Maasai guides is truly an adventure never to be missed.


The heart wrenching History are embedded in the land of Tanzania, where great world historical discoveries have been unvailed. Visit Ol'dupai Gorge, Mtoni Palace Ruins (Zanzibar Island), Isimila Stone Age Site (Iringa), Kilwa Kisiwani, Kondoa Rock-Art Sites, Marahubi Palace (Stone Town) Christ Church Cathedral (Stone Town) and Engaruka (Arusha). These historical sites in Tanzania provide a clear insight into the past of human history dated 2 million years back.

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